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Health Resources for All Ages

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Coronavirus isn’t the only threat to your health. You, your kids, your spouse, and your parents are all subject to stress. We need to give ourselves permission to care for ourselves, to relax, and to look around at nature. There is still beauty in the world!

photo of a waterfall

Coping With Coronavirus Stress. “Manage what you can; release what you cannot.” Good advice from the counselors at ‘Psychology Today’ as you are working through the challenges of each day.

Photo of two women wearing hats and sitting, one playing a cello and the other a violin

# SongsofComfort Are you soothed by music? This hashtag is for you. Search on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to experience musicians sharing their gifts in a difficult time. Yo-Yo Ma, the world-famous cellist, has a number of contributions. Many other well-known and unknown artists are contributing. Here's an example.

Mindfulness Exercises with Kids. What is mindfulness? Focus. Simplicity. Paying attention to what is right HERE, right NOW. What do I hear? See? Smell? Feel? It’s so simple but so difficult. If your mind feels like it’s going in 10 different directions all day long, you might want to try some soothing mindfulness today. Don’t forget to share these ideas with the kids in your life.

animated figures in yoga poses

YouTube Yoga Can’t make it to the gym? Ready to try yoga for relaxation but you don’t know where to start? Look no further! YouTube’s “Yoga with Adriene” series has just what you need to get started with a beginning yoga workout.

Talking to your Kids About Coronavirus If your kids are confused about the coronavirus

and what it means, maybe it's time to have a family meeting. Here are some talking points. Good information from PBS.

Idaho Coronavirus Resources A long list, including local resources for coronavirus testing, phone numbers, and symptoms. You may have read all these before, but a complete resource listing could be helpful.

Was this list helpful? We'll be posting every few days to keep you up to date on resources and activities.

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