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Recommended Reading: Classics Available on Libby for Overdrive

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

What a time to really explore all the great Classics available on Overdrive. I personally needed some time to read or listen to something that was lighter, familiar, and offered a good distraction from the stress we are experiencing today. One avenue I discovered was the Classics collection available on Overdrive. Below are some of the Classics I found that I am loving at the moment.

Pride and Prejudice

The audio version of Pride and Prejudice has a full cast narration that I am really loving. I have never read this story before, but I have always loved the movie. So much so that I am pretty sure I watch it at least once a year. There is also a print version of the book available in the Overdrive collection if you would rather read it. Be transported back to a time where having more than your fair share of daughters can really create a conundrum of social and courtship mishaps.

Anne of Avonlea

One of my all time favorite characters since I was a child is Anne Shirley. Because I have been reading her series over and over again throughout the years, I always get this wonderful sense of nostalgia and safety when I read the books. Since I had recently read Anne of Green Gables, I checked out the next book in the series. I’m ready to go back to Avonlea!


I was recently playing Rock Band 4 and the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody came up next in my playlist. This was the inspiration for me to check out Scaramouche. I have never read this before, but it sounds like an amazing story. Have you read it? I can’t wait to get started. The story seems to be really fun and exciting and I can’t remember the last time I read something pertaining to the French Revolution. As with most of my checkouts, I got this one on audio. I will listen to it after I read Anne of Avonlea.

A Wrinkle in Time

This is another book that I really enjoyed as a child and gives me that sense of familiarity and comfort. Overdrive has it in print as an e-book, as well as audio. When a book starts out with “It was a dark and stormy night” how can we not expect it to be fantastic? It’s a fun journey full of scientific theory and talks about love and friendship despite differences and obstacles. Meet Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Whatsit and enjoy the ride into intergalactic time travel!

How to Refine Your Search

So how did I look just for Classics in the vastness of books that Overdrive has to offer? When I got into the app, I used the search tool and typed in “Classics.” Here, it shows me just a collection of everything that Overdrive considers Classics. Keeping my filter to show everything that is available, I was able to see both e-audio-books and e-books. If I were to filter out my options, I could see all that was available only on audio (which is my personal preference). If I filter out even more, I can see only what is available for immediate download. Explore your refining and searching options today!

April’s Collection

For the month of April and due to our current global situation, Overdrive is offering special digital library cards, as well as a larger collection than they normally do. Take advantage of this amazing service and explore all there is to see in the Overdrive collection. There should be something available for the whole family. Don’t forget that you can also call, email, or chat with a librarian during this time if you have any questions on how to install apps, get a card, or navigate through any of our electronic resources. Happy reading!

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